Product Introduction

The 8866 thermal conductivity analyzer allows accurate and continuous analysis of a binary (two‑component) mixture. All zero-based ranges and suppressed ranges from 20 to 90% have air-filled sealed reference cell. It’s necessary, for suppressed ranges from 95%, using reference cell (4 ports) with a constant flow of 100% of the measuring. For intermediate ranges (50-94%) it’s alternative the use of the first or second solution.

The 8866 is an high accuracy analyzer (class of accuracy better than 1%). For this reason the inner sensing unit is temperature   controlled in order to be completely insensitive to ambient temperature variations. 


Product Application

  •  Heat treatments
  •  Copper melting furnaces and Galvanizing
  •  Iron and steel industry
  •  Chemical and petrochemical industry
  •  Synthesis gas
  •  Fertilizers
  •  Soda and Chlorine plants
  •  Nuclear plants and electric power industry
  •  Hydrogen cooled generators
  •  Gas production industry (purity monitoring)
  •  Hydrogen generators
  •  …. And many others


  •  Accuracy better than 1% of full scale
  •  Max accuracy also in case of suppressed ranges thanks to 4 ports version with reference flow
  •  Special compensation function to eliminate the effect of interfering gases
  •  Temperature controlled sensing unit
  • Fast response time
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Very easy maintenance thanks to modular construction
  • Practically indestructible
  • IP65 protection
  • Versions for safe area or in Explosion-Proof housing for hazardous area Zone 1 / Zone 21
  • Powerful microprocessor based control unit

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