Zirconia 8870

Product Introduction

The 8870 is an extractive type Zirconia Oxygen analyser that is typically employed for O2 trace measurements in pure gases (typical in technical gas production industry) or in heavy duty applications with presence of high amount of dirty, acid components and Carbon Monoxide (CO) that are typical poisons for this kind of measuring principle.


Product Application

  • as production industry
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen generators
  • Heat treatments
  • Oxi-reducing potential
  • Breweries
  • Gas purity monitoring in semiconductor and nuclear industry
  • Gas mixers
  • ...and many others


  • Accuracy better than 1% of FS
  • Ranges from 100 ppm O2 FS up to 100% O2 FS
  • Very rugged sensor able to withstand heavy duty conditions with high content of dirt, acid components and CO
  • Completely insenditive to barometric pressure variations 
  • Extremely fast response time and excellent long term stability
  • Powerful microprocessor based control unit

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