Product Introduction

The 8864 is an extractive type Zirconia Oxygen analyser that can be used in every application with not combustibles background gasses where an in situ measure is not convenient.



Product Application

  • Gas production industry (purity monitoring)
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen generators 
  • Endothermic generatos
  • Mixers
  • In general, Oxygen control (from traces up to 100%) in every process with non-combustible background gas 
  • ...and many others


  • Accuracy better than 1% of FS
  • Ranges from 100 ppm O2 FS up to 100% O2 FS
  • Temperature controlled sensing unit
  • Far respose timr and excellent long term stability
  • Very easy maintenance thanks to modular construction
  • Practically indestructible
  • Protection IP65
  • Versions for safe area or hazardous area Zone 1 / Zone 21 
  • Powerful microprocessor

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