Product Introduction

Multi gas analyzer by UV DOAS principle. Applied to process application such as SCR/SNCR/FGD especially when it comes to serious dust and soot and ash ambient condition by fossil fuel. DGA-X, gas analyzer, is continous monitoring system for industrial stacks. 


Product Application

  • Power   100 ∼ 240VAC, 50/60H
  • Power consumption main 500W          
  • Gas Temp          ⟨ 550°C
  • Ambient Temp   -20°C ∼ 55°C
  • Gas pressure:    ±60hpa (±611 mmH2O)
  • Analog Output   2 Channel 4 ∼ 20mA
  • Digital Output   4 Channel
  • Digital Input     2 Channel


  • Measurement of NO, NO2 each without NOx converter 
  • No need sampling/Direct monitoring
  • Quick response time 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • No interfere of dust and humadity
  • Practicable of Remote calibration 
  • SO2, NOx, NH3, multi-gas measuring

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