EC 9600

ElectrochemicalEC 9600

Product Introduction

The EC 9600 analyser is specifically designed for extremely accurate low ppm Oxygen measurements in pure gas, inertizing, natural gas, reducing processes and many others.


Product Application

  • Gas production industry (purity monitoring) 
  • Natural gas
  • Cylinder gas analysis
  • Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Electric power industry
  • Welding
  • Glove boxes
  • ... and many others


  • High performance electrochemical sensor
  • 0-10 ppm low range for maximum sensitivity (0.05 ppm on 10 ppm range)
  • Insensitive to the presence of quite all background gases (H2, CO2, CH4, HC, He, various type of Freons, etc...)
  • Ranges commutbale in field: 10/100/1000 ppm O2 (manually or automatically)
  • Parts contacted by gas in AISI 316.
  • Protection mode II2 GD EEx d IIC T5 IP65 T100°C for hazardous area Zone 1 / Zone 21

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