4400 T

Total Combustible4400 T

Product Introduction

The total combustibles analyzer model 4400 TOTAL provides accurate and continuous analysis of flue gas and other gases with Oxygen deficiency in order to determine the total concentration of combustible gases in the sample stream (typically expressed as CO, CH4 or H2 in accordance to the most representative component).


Product Application

  • Combustibles control in every type of oven and furnace
  • Combustibles control in tanks
  • Control of every ambient with presence of combustibles


  • Possibility to measure the combustibles also in condition of Oxygen deficiency 
  • It can be integrated with filters, pumps, etc.. making it such as compact analysis system
  • It can be combined with other analysers of the 4400 and G series to have a multi-gas analyser 
  • Parts contacted by gas in selected materials to reist the attack of aggressive substances
  • Temperature controlled sensing unit
  • Fast respose and excellent long term stability
  • Powerful microprocessor based control unit

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